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The PL Method

The PL Method | A Final Cut Pro Course

The PL Method | A Final Cut Pro Course

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By purchasing The PL Method
you gain LIFETIME access to the Final Cut Pro X Course.

- Over 210 minutes of Course Material
- Divided Into 9 Chapters
- Over 84+ Episodes
- 1 Editing Breakdown / 22 Minutes
- 400+ GB Of Unique Footage To Practice With
- 5 Exclusive Presets From MotionVFX
- LUT Packs Included
- Course Members Only Discord Server
- Future Updates & Editing Breakdowns

You'll be able to go from 0 knowledge, to a full fledged Final Cut Pro.
Each chapter is broken down in an easy to find manner, making it simple to follow along wether you are a beginner or an intermediate!

The course material is constantly updated with new things to practice with as well.

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Chapter 1 - Getting To Know Final Cut Pro

This Chapter contains a total of 6 Episodes.

The Episodes are mainly aimed towards the beginner that's opening up Final Cut Pro for the first time.

It familiarizes you with the interface and provides you with all the tools needed to get started.

Chapter 2 - Creating Your First Project

This Chapter contains a total of 5 Episodes.

I'll walk you through the process of what you need to do in order to create a new project, and start working with it.

It's also covering the tips & tricks to keep things clean ad organised.

Chapter 3 - Editing Basics

This Chapter contains a total of 7 Episodes.

We're still working on covering the basics of editing and getting more and more used to FCPX.

I'll show you how to cut faster, how to rework your edits, and get a better flow.

Chapter 4 - Advanced Editing

This Chapter contains a total of 16 Episodes.

Everything from Match Cuts & Jump Cuts, to Blend Modes & Compound Clips.

The chapter is aimed towards those with experience in Final Cut Pro, and want to enhance their skills further.

Chapter 5 - Storytelling

This Chapter contains a total of 6 Episodes.

I'm taking you through the basics of storytelling, showing you how you can use simple tricks to make more engaging videos.

I'm also including some tips & Tricks if you want to make videos for youtube!

Chapter 6 - Keyframing & Masking

This Chapter contains a total of 6 Episodes.

Keyframing is a daunting editing technique for anyone that doesn't understand it. I'll help you break it down so that you'll be able to work with it fast.

We also go through masking and how to use them together with keyframes.

Chapter 7 - Audio & SFX

This Chapter contains a total of 9 Episodes.

SFX is by far my favourite when it comes to editing, and i'll take you through my entire process of creating true to life soundscapes.

It's everything from background music, to adding trustworthy sounds to your videos.

Chapter 8 - Color Grading

This Chapter contains a total of 6 Episodes.

Color grading within Final Cut Pro is something that does not require any plugins, in this chapter i'll explain why and how to color grade.

We also talk about LUT's and their use case when editing videos.

Additional Episodes

This chapter contains new episodes from your requests in the discord server!

So far there's a total of 8 Episodes created and uploaded.


I created my VLOG LUT with one specific thing in mind: Speed.
Whenever i'mfilming with my cameras i tend to do so in LOG, therefore i needed a LUT that could take my LOG footage from "Raw" to almost perfect with the click of a button.

Course members will acces this as a direct download on the Assets Page.


Being able to have a Base Grade when you start editing your videos in Final Cut Pro X is crucial to give it the right "vibe". With this pack i have 4 uniquely designed LUT's that work perfectly with any sort of LOG footage.

With the click of a button you can start your Color Grading Instantly within Final Cut Pro X.


In Collaboration with MotionVFX, All Course members will gain access to Exclusive Presets, engineered & designed by MotionVFX.

They've been the provider of my all time FCPX plugins through the years, and i'm both humbled and proud to be able to offer 5 Unique & High Quality Presets to all course members.


With over 400+ GB of downloadable footage, you can jump in to the editing directly.
With some of my most popular YouTube videos and project files included, you'll have the possibility to see how i have edited the video in FCPX, and at the same time try to edit videos in your own way with the same footage.

Unique Assets

As a course member you'll gain access to my most used editing tools with the click of a button.

- My Vlog LUT
- Base Grade LUT pack
- Exclusive Footage
- 5 Exclusive Presets
- My Final Cut Pro X Commands
- 400+ GB Of Footage
- Unique Project Files & Libraries
- Members Only Discord Server
- Members Only Assets Page

Engage Contact

You’ll gain access to a dedicated Discord server that I’m available in. Together with the other course members we’ll be able to give you feedback on your edits or, help you if trouble arises with Final Cut Pro X or during the course.

Anything you want to ask, you’ll be able to ask. Together with your input i can also provide you with future episodes in areas of Final Cut Pro X that i haven’t covered yet in the course.